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As the Department of Mathematics continually works to improve the quality of its programs, one of our major goals is to increase the amount of money available for departmental student activities and support. Annual alumni contributions, no matter what the amount, are very important to our efforts in this area. We thank those of you who have helped support the Mathematics Department by specifying that your University gifts be directed to us and hope that all of our alumni will consider designating the department as the recipient of future gifts.

Advisory Council Convenes

Twelve mathematics alums returned to Purdue October 2-3 to meet with Mathematics Department Head Carl Cowen and Associate Head Y.L. Tong.

Prior to the meeting, council members received a "state of the department" report from Professor Cowen. The report provided the focus for discussions that covered a wide range of departmental issues. The Council also joined members of the Statistics Advisory Council for a joint session on the computational finance program. About half of the Mathematics group elected to stay through Saturday afternoon, braving rainy weather to attend the Purdue vs. Minnesota football game (Go Boilers!).

The Mathematics Advisory Council was created to provide outside opinions on various issues and advice as to how departmental programs can more effectively meet the needs of students and their future employers. The department will continually seek from council members both recognition for things done well and suggestions for areas in which improvements can be made.

The next meeting of the Mathematics Advisory Council is scheduled for April 1999.
Mathematics Advisory Council

H. Thomas Banks (M.S. 1965, Ph.D. 1967)
University Professor and Drexel Professor of Mathematics
Director, Center for Research in Scientific Computation
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

William J. Browning (B.S. 1968, M.S. 1969, Ph.D. 1974)
President, Applied Mathematics Inc.
Gales Ferry, Connecticut

Mary Jane Elmore (B.S. 1976)
General Partner, Institutional Venture Partners
Menlo Park, California

Diane K. Fasel (B.S. 1971, M.S. 1972)
President, The Bellwood Group
Los Altos, California

Wendell H. Fleming (B.S. 1948, M.S. 1949, H.Dr. 1991)
University Professor of Mathematics, Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island

Marcia I. Hausman (B.S. 1973)
Mathematics teacher, department chair
Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools
St. Leon, Indiana

Patricia B. Hufford (M.A. 1972)
Mathematics teacher, West Lafayette Junior High School
West Lafayette, Indiana

James E. Mayes (B.S. 1963)
Mathematics teacher
Elkhart, Indiana

Frank C. Nackel (M.A.T. 1981)
Director, Sensors and Electronic Systems
Software Engineering, Raytheon Systems Co.
Bedford, Massachusetts

Donna M. Osborn (M.S. 1977)
Mathematics teacher, Lafayette Jefferson High School
Lafayette, Indiana

Donald G. Saari (M.S. 1964, Ph.D. 1967)
Arthur and Gladys Pancoe Professor of Mathematics
Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois

Philip W. Smith (M.S. 1970, Ph.D. 1972)
Windward Technologies, Inc.
Meadows Place, Texas

Lawrence D. Stone (M.S. 1966, Ph.D. 1967)
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Metron, Inc.
Reston, Virginia