Actuarial Exam Award Program

The Actuarial Exam Award is available to any non-graduating undergraduate majoring in Actuarial Science who passes one of the SOA exams. Official details:

  • Purpose: Support successful completion of Actuarial Exams.
  • Award: Partial reimbursement of the exam fees for passing any SOA/CAS exam, subject to available funds. With the exception of December graduates, all awards will be made in the spring semester.
  • Eligibility: Must receive passing result while a full-time student at Purdue.

To qualify, you must send, email, or give a completed Application to Anna Hook (MATH 820) before taking the exam.

Once we verify that you have passed, we will tell you the amount of the award. You will then need to follow these instructions.

* Award amount and eligibility subject to change.