MA 36600, Fall 2010

Course Description

Credit Hours: 4.00. An introduction to ordinary differential equations with emphasis on problem solving and applications. The one-hour computer lab will give students an opportunity for hands-on experience with both the theory and applications of the subject. Typically offered Spring Fall.

Instructor Info.

Section Room Time Instructor Office
MA 36600 001 REC 121 9:30am MWF Chen, Min MATH 418
MA 36600 002 REC 121 2:30pm MWF Penney, Richard MATH 822
MA 36600 003 REC 309 10:30am TR Mayboroda, Svitlana MATH 740
MA 36600 004 REC 114 12:00pm TR Mayboroda, Svitlana MATH 740

Course Materials

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Important Notes

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