MA 15800, Fall 2012

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Credit Hours: 3.00. Functions, Trigonometry, and Algebra of calculus topics designed to fully prepare students for all first semester calculus courses. Functions topics include Quadratic, Higher Order Polynomials, Rational, Exponential, Logarithmic, and Trigonometric. Other focuses include graphing of functions and solving application problems. Not Available for credit toward graduation in the College of Science. Students may not receive credit for both MA 15400 and MA 15800. Students may not receive credit for both MA 15900 and MA 15800. Typically offered Fall Spring Summer.

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MA 15800 001 PHYS 112 7:30am MWF Norris, David MATH 810
MA 15800 002 FRNY G140 11:30am MWF Norris, David MATH 810
MA 15800 003 UNIV 201 4:30pm MWF Hughes, Kyle MATH B011

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