MA 51900, Fall 2017

Course Description

Credit Hours: 3.00. (STAT 51900) Algebra of sets, sample spaces, combinatorial problems, independence, random variables, distribution functions, moment generating functions, special continuous and discrete distributions, distribution of a function of a random variable, limit theorems. Typically offered Spring Fall.

Instructor Info.

Section Room Time Instructor Office
MA 51900 004 UNIV 217 10:30am MWF Peterson, Jonathon MATH 430
MA 51900 006 UNIV 119 2:30pm MWF Owada, Takashi No Office

Course Materials

Section Type Title Author
006 Textbook A First Course in Probability (9th Edition) (9) Sheldon Ross
004 Other Introduction to Probability by David Anderson, Timo Seppalainen, and Benedek Valko - The course pack will serve as the textbook for MA/STAT 519. Students should purchase a bound copy of the course notes from the Boiler Copymaker in the Purdue Memorial Union.

Important Notes

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