MA 36200, Spring 2018

Course Description

Credit Hours: 3.00. Multivariate calculus; partial differentiation; implicit function theorems and transformations; line and surface integrals; vector fields; theorems of Gauss, Green, and Stokes. Credit granted for only one of MA 36200 and 51000. Typically offered Fall Spring.

Instructor Info.

Section Room Time Instructor Office
MA 36200 011 REC 123 9:30am MWF Egorova, Iryna MATH 708
MA 36200 021 REC 123 12:30pm MWF Egorova, Iryna MATH 708
MA 36200 022 UNIV 103 4:30pm MWF Wlodarczyk, Jaroslaw MATH 604

Course Materials

Section Type Title Author
ALL Textbook Vector Calculus (6) Jerrold E. Marsden

Important Notes

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