Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Information for Graduate Teaching Assistantships in the Department of Mathematics (for graduate students not in Mathematics)

This application form is only for current and prospective graduate students in a department other than Mathematics.

If you will be or plan to be a graduate student in Mathematics, you should not use this form. Contact the Mathematics Graduate Program for more information.

Please note that e-mailing individual faculty members in our Department is not constructive. Individual faculty members do not hire TAs. All the hiring of TAs is done centrally through this application process. We do not hire graduate students as graders.

Spring and Summer Semesters

We do not hire new TAs in Spring or Summer semester. We only hire new TAs in Fall semester.

Fall 2018

 Application link. The deadline for submitting applications is June 20. Late applications are not accepted.

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Address questions not answered by the information sheet to Anna Hook.