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Liu, Baiying

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Website: [Webpage] [Bio]
PHD: University of Minnesota, 2013
Office: MATH 616
Phone: +1 765 49-41971
Email: liu2053@purdue.edu
Research Interests: Automorphic forms, Number theory

Mok, Chung Pang

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Website: [Webpage] [Bio]
PHD: Harvard University, 2007
Office: MATH 646
Phone: +1 765 49-67548
Email: mokc@purdue.edu
Research Interests: algebraic number theory, automorphic forms, arithmetic geometry.

Raghuram, Anantharam

Visiting Professor of Mathematics (Fall 2017 only)
Website: [Webpage] [Bio]
PHD: University of Mumbai, 2001
Office: MATH 408
Phone: +1 765 49-41925
Email: raghuraa@purdue.edu
Research Interests: Automorphic forms

Shahidi, Freydoon

Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Website: [Bio]
PHD: Johns Hopkins University, 1975
Office: MATH 650
Phone: +1 765 49-41917
Email: fshahidi@purdue.edu
Research Interests: automorphic forms