Department of Mathematics

The VIGRE program has been discontinued. Although these webpages are still made available for historical interest, the information available should be considered out of date.


Purdue Math/Stat VIGRE

The National Science Foundation announced in January 2000 that a joint VIGRE (Vertical Integration of Research and Education in the Mathematical Sciences) proposal submitted by the Purdue Mathematics and Statistics Departments would be funded in the amount of $2,125,000 for five years beginning fall 2000.* The award provides support for undergraduate research, graduate student fellowships, and postdoctoral faculty. The goal of the VIGRE program is to expand the preparation of students and postdocs for non-academic careers in the mathematical sciences, integrating research and educational activities at all levels, and promoting involvement with industry and K-12 education.

* NSF VIGRE Grant number DMS-9983601