To help make your travel experience as smooth as possible, we ask that you follow these procedures:

Before Travel

Please note that foreign travel may require additional approvals so please allow extra time when planning any travel abroad.

  • Prior to travel, you will need to obtain appropriate permission via a trip request in Concur which can be found via the Purdue Employee Portal. Select Travel System (Concur) and log in with your career username and password. If you need instructions for creating a trip request in Concur, you can contact Beth Howard.
  • NOTE: If you will be gone for more than 22 working days, prior to travel you will need to file an RLA form (pdf) (xls).
  • Persons intending to drive a vehicle (even their own) must adhere to the Use of Vehicles for University Business policy
    • Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students and Volunteers who intend to drive a vehicle (even their own) at any point during their travel need see Beth Howard (MATH 838) early in the planning process to have a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) report run prior to their travel.
    • Others must self-report as "acceptable" using Risk Managements MVR Grading Grid.

Concur Tips

Here are some tips when completing a travel requests in the new travel system.

  1. Comments Section should always be filled out with the detailed purpose your travel including:
    • Why you are traveling
    • Who/What you are visiting
    • Full destination (city/state/country/etc...)
    • Dates for each leg and reason for traveling to each leg, if multiple legs are involved.
    • Also if you are using a discretionary account (i.e. startup, discretionary allocation, salary savings, etc... this SIO number is on your cover sheet and starts with 75000XXXX.) Please reference this SIO number in the comments section.
    • If the host is covering all or partial expenses note that in the comments section.
  • If reservations have been made (i.e. hotel, car rental, airfare, etc...), those items can be listed in the "Segments" tab. This step is optional.
  • Per Diem and mileage estimates are not needed for the trip request.

Purdue Motor Vehicle Policy

On March 1, 2010 the Use of Vehicles for University Business policy came into effect.
According to this policy the Minimum Driver Qualifications are:

  1. Possess a valid US or Canadian driver's license with a classification appropriate to the type of Vehicle being driven, or a valid license from another country where a Vehicle is being operated.
  2. Be at least 18 years of age and have one year of licensed driving experience prior to driving on University Business. Requests for exceptions to these requirements must be submitted to Risk Management in advance for review on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Have an "acceptable" driving record, as defined by Risk Management (MVR Grading Grid). Individuals who are unsure of their driving record may secure a copy of their MVR from their auto insurance provider or through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

See the Use of Vehicles for University Business website for more information

After Travel

  • Please note the time limit to submit expense reports: All expense reports for University business travel are to be submitted within 120 days from the end of the business trip.  Any travel expense reports submitted after 120 days will be reported to the Tax Department and added to the traveler's taxable income.
  • If you would like assistance in preparing your expense report, please use the Request for Reimbursement Form to organize the information and receipts needed to complete your report. 
  • Once you return from your trip, you can claim expense reimbursement by completing an expense report within the Travel System (Concur). Please see Beth Howard (MATH 838) for assistance.
  • You will need accompanying receipts for lodging, airfare, and anything else over $75.
  •  If a Purdue travel card has been used, you will need to wait until all transactions show up in Concur before submitting the expense report.

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