MA 271 - Several Varible Calculus
Arshak Petrosyan
Fall 2003
[NB] Final Exam Schedule
Time:Sat, Dec 20, 3:20pm--5:20pm
Place:PHYS 112, rows I, H, G
[NB] Help Session
Fri, Dec 19, 12:00-2:00pm, REC 114
Office hours 12/15-12/19
MTWTh 12:30-1:30, or by appointment.
Sample problems for Final
[PDF Set 1] [PDF Set 2]

Solutions (try to solve by yourself first!)
[PDF Set 1][PDF Set 2]
Quiz and Midterm solutions
The solutions of the midterms and all quizes (Q1-Q11 and practice Q12) can be downloaded below.
[PDF Course Information][PDF Assignment Sheet (corrected)]

Midterm Exam Solutions:

Quiz solutions:
[PDF Q1] [PDF Q2] [PDF Q3] [PDF Q4] [PDF Q5] [PDF Q6] [PDF Q7] [PDF Q8] [PDF Q9] [PDF Q10] [PDF Q11] [PDF Q12]

Official Information
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