Homework assignments will be posted here, at least one week before the due date.

All problems are from [B] unless indicated otherwise. There are two types of problems: Exercises and Projects, enumerated with Roman and Greek letters, respectively.

10. Due Wed, Apr 27: [M] §23 #3,5, §24 #2,4, §25 #4,8  
9. Due Wed, Apr 13: 45.K, 45.M, 45.N, 45.P, [M] §22 #2,4 [Partial Solutions]
8. Due Wed, Apr 6: 45.B, 45.C, 45.D, 45.G, 45.H, 45.I [Solutions]
7. Due Mon, Mar 28: 44.G, 44.H (a), 44.J (Use 43.R), 44.K, 44.O, 44.R [Solutions]
6. Due Wed, Mar 2: 43.B, 43.D, 43.L, 43.M, 43.Q, 43.R, 43.S [Solutions]
5. Due Mon, Feb 22: 42.F(d,e), 42.P, 42.Q*, 42.R, 42.S(c), 42.U [Solutions]
    *Assume the numbers to be nonnegative  
4. Due Fri, Feb 12: 41.O, 41.R, 41.W, 42.A(a-c), 42.D, 42.E [Solutions]
3. Due Fri, Feb 5: 41.D, 41.J, 41.K, 41.L, 41.U, 41.V [Solutions]
2. Due Fri, Jan 29: 40.E, 40.L, 40.R, 40.S, 40.T, 40.U [Solutions]
1. Due Fri, Jan 22: 21.L, 21.M, 39.D, 39.G, 39.J, 39.T, 39.V, 39.W [Solutions]