Geometry and Regularity of Free Boundaries.
  KTH, Stockholm, February 28-March 2, 2000, in connection with the Mittag-Leffler Institute year 1999/2000 on Potential theory and Nonlinear PDE.
  Luis Caffarelli, University of Texas at Austin
    Björn Gustafsson, KTH, Stockholm
    Arshak Petrosyan, KTH, Stockholm
    Henrik Shahgholian (Chairman), KTH, Stockholm 
  free boundary, nodal set, singular set, geometric configuration, combustion theory, monotonicity formula.
  The workshop will be devoted to questions of geometry and regularity of certain, apriori unknown, sets coming up in solutions of nonlinear PDE problems, viz. free boundaries, vanishing sets, nodal and singular sets. Such sets appear in the obstacle problem, the Stefan problem, problems in combustion theory, fluid mechanics, and potential theory. The unifying theme will be the structure of the unknown sets in these problems. Special attention will be paid to the geometric and regularity properties.
  Sven Hagströmer's & Mats Qviberg's Foundation
 Confirmed main speakers:
D. Adams (Lexington) I. Athanasopoulos (Herakleion) 
D. Danielli (Baltimore)  N. Garofalo (Baltimore) 
Q. Han (Notre Dame)  H. Hedenmalm (Lund) 
D. Jerison (Cambridge) L. Karp (Haifa)
B. Kawohl (Köln) C. Lederman (Buenos Aires) 
P. Markowich (Vienna) J. Salazar (Lisbon)
S. Salsa (Milan) N. Ural'tseva (St. Petersburg)
G. Weiss (Tokyo)  
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