February 28 - March 2, 2000
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
 Information for visitors

Addresses, phones, maps etc

  • KTH (Kungl. Tekniska Högskolan, or Royal Institute of Technology)
  • Address: , S-100 44 Stockholm 
    (Zoomable map here)
    Phone: +46 8 790 60 00 (operator). 
  • Hotel Arcadia
  • Address: Körsbärsvägen 1, Box 5906, S-114 89 Stockholm 
    (Zoomable map here)
    Phone: +46 8 16 01 95
    Fax: +46 8 16 62 24.

    Getting here

    To get to these places from Arlanda, the international airport of Stockholm, you may use

  • Train. There is a fast train, the Arlanda Express, which brings you to Cityterminalen (see below) in 20 minutes. You find it on an underground level of the arrival hall, it goes frequently and the price is 120 SEK. Then you continue as below (under Bus). 
  • Bus. There is an airport shuttle (flygbuss) which brings you from Arlanda airport to Cityterminalen in Stockholm city in about 45 minutes. It starts just outside the arrival hall, goes frequently (every 5or 10 minutes) and the price is 60 SEK. 
  • From Cityterminalen you have a 5 minutes walk (mainly indoors) to the subway station T-centralen. Just follow the signs. You then take the subway line with final destination Mörby (or Mörby Centrum), and get off at Tekniska Högskolan, which is the third stop. For Hotel Arcadia you choose the exit in the front direction of train. After the first staircase you take to the right and then, when you reach the street level, you will have the hotel a few hundred metres in front of you. For KTH you take the rear exit; then KTH is immediately to the left. 

    Here are maps of KTH campus (PDF) and of Stockholm subway (PDF).

  • Taxi. It takes 30-45 minutes, and you can get it for prices starting from 300 SEK.  Please note, it is always advisable  to ask the price before you sit into the cab.
  • See also the travelling information on the Arlanda site.

    For further information or help, please do not hesitate to contact Björn Gustafsson, Henrik Shahgholian or Arshak Petrosyan.

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