[mandelbrot set] MATH DEPT Computer News, Volume 39

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How to personalize your bio page at MathSciNet

If you are logged on to a computer with MathSciNet access, you can check out this example of a

MathSciNet bio page

to see an improved bio page with a picture and and e-mail address added. (A link to personal home pages can also be added.)

To create such a page for yourself, go to the

MathSciNet Author lookup page

(from a Purdue IP address) and type your name in the box as

Lastname, Firstname

and click Submit. If there is more than one of you out there (like there is with me), find yourself and select yourself (by sliding down to Author Profile and clicking). Your rather bare Author Bio page should load. Now click on the blue Edit Author Profile box in the upper right and log on using your AMS login credentials. The rest is easy!

If you are pleased with what you create and you don't mind your citation index showing in public, you can link to it from your home page to make it easy for people to find your publications on MathSciNet. Just copy the URL from the browser box when you visit your bio. It will look something like this:


Note: People who click on this link will only be able to see your MathSciNet bio page if they have online access to MathSciNet. I explain in Volume 36 how to copy your MathSciNet publication list to your math home page.

If you go to your MathSciNet bio page and click on Publications, it will take you to a URL that looks like this:


You can use the URL you see for your own papers as a link to your publications that anyone with online MathSciNet access can see. Only your papers show up that way with no mention of your citation index or face.

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