Department of Mathematics

Model-based analysis and control of cellular processes

October 8-9, 2012, Purdue University

This NSF-sponsored workshop will explore emerging methods that use semi-mechanistic models to improve our understanding and control of cellular processes. For more than two decades, research advances in this field have predominantly focused on generating mathematical models and approaches to accurately describe cellular processes and their dynamics. Building upon the rich foundation created by these models, this workshop will focus on quantitative, analytical and computational methods that effectively use these models to inform experiments that enhance our understanding of these complex cellular processes and demonstrate our ability to predictably modify the response of cellular processes and systems in a desired manner.

Plenary Speakers:

  • Hana El-Samad, California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences, UC San Francisco
  • Suzanne Gaudet, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School
  • Juergen Hahn, Biomedical Engineering and Chemical & Biological Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Jeff Hasty, Biodynamics Laboratory, UC San Diego
  • Pablo Iglesias, Cellular Signaling Control Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University
  • Bruce Tidor , Biological Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

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Organizers: Greg Buzzard, Purdue Math (buzzard at; Ann Rundell, Purdue BME

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