MA 162 Online Homework Spring 2008

Registering with the Access Code

  1. In your browser, type and go to This is the WebAssign login page.

  2. In the box Username type your ten digit Purdue student ID number (no spaces or hyphens).

  3. In the box Institution type "purdue" (capitals or lower case makes no difference).

  4. In the box Password type your last name IN CAPITALS (no spaces).

  5. Click Log In.

  6. You should be taken to the WebAssign Home page. Check on the top right that your name appears correctly together with your correct Section number.

Creating a Password and Contact Information

  1. On the top right click on My Options. A new screen will pop up with your personal information and page settings.

  2. Type in your e-mail address in the box to the right of Email Address. This will ensure that WebAssign support can communicate with you.

  3. Create your WebAssign password. Be sure to make your password simple and memorable, but not too easy to guess. Also be sure to write down your password in a safe place. Type your new password twice in the two boxes to the right of Change Password.

  4. Type in your old password (last name in capital letters) in the very last box and click on Save.

Subsequent Logins

  1. In your browser, type and go to .

  2. Type your Username, Institution (purdue), and the Password you created.

  3. Click Log In.

Completing an Online Homework

  1. Click on My Assignments, which gives you a chart that presents Assignments and Due Dates.

  2. On the My Assignments box, click on the HW # of the assignment you want to take.

  3. On the screen that appears, read the Instructions. All problems for the HW should be visible.

Note: At the top of the page (in the box About this Assignment) you have a clickable Question Score button that opens a small screen showing the scores you have obtained thus far for all the questions you submitted in the present assignment.

  1. In the answer field, type your answer to question 1; then click Submit New Answers To Question 1 or Save Work.

  2. You will be given feedback on whether your answer is ‘Correct’ or ‘Wrong’.

  3. You may try to answer the question as many times as you like without penalty.

  4. You can skip questions or go to the next question whenever you want.

  5. Go to question 2, etc.

  6. When you have solved all of the questions or want to come back to the assignment later, click Submit All New Answersor Save All Work.

Viewing Results of the Assignment

Immediately after an answer, your total score will be shown in the box About this Assignment. Once the deadline for the HW has passed, you will have access not only to the Results chart, listing the overall score and each problem’s score, but you will also be able to see your answer and the correct answer.

Help and Technical Support

Help with your iLrn questions can be divided into content issues (how do I work this type of math problem), entering answers, and technical issues (I can’t log in; my browser keeps locking up). Content issues can be asked in the Math Help Room (MATH 205) or during your instructor’s office hours. Questions concerning entering answers and technical issues can usually be answered looking at the WebAssign online manual or using the WebAssign help facilities (see below).

There are two other ways available to seek help: student technical support (Phone: (800) 955-8275, Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), and e-mail questions to

If you have any difficulties using your own computer, you must use an ITaP computer, rather than miss any deadline.

Changing Sections

If you change sections, you do not need to re-register, Your lecturer will move you and all your scores to the new section.

Helpful Hints

  1. You must let each page load completely before clicking again, or the page may freeze.

  1. You must use the Submit New Answers To Question ... button to enter your answers. You may need to scroll on the page to find the Submit button.

  1. If WebAssign runs slowly on your computer, you should try using an ITaP computer.

  1. You may save your work on a particular problem to continue later by clicking on Save work.

  1. The system will only save the last answer you submit, so you should not click on Submit All New Answers until you have checked that all your answers are indeed the ones you want to submit.

  1. For interval notation, be sure to use -INF or INF when infinity is involved.

  1. Don’t round until you reach the final answer. Rounding early and often creates an incorrect answer.

  1. When the instructions say to be sure to label your answer appropriately, it means to include y’=, f’(x)=, etc.

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