Birgit Kaufmann
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Physics
Purdue University

         Birgit Kaufmann
Publication List

 Adress:  Birgit Kaufmann
             Department of Mathematics      
             Purdue University
             150 N. University Street
             West Lafayette, IN 47907-2067

  Office:   MATH-748
  Phone:  (765) 494-3173
  Fax:      (765) 494-0548

  Email:    ebkaufma at


      Research Area: Mathematical Physics
  • Non-equilibrium systems
  • Quantum wire networks from triply-periodic minimal surfaces
  • Finite-size scaling in atomic models

         Research supported by                                                                  NSF logo

  • NSF CAREER grant "Physical properties of new materials via mathematics -- methods and applications" DMS-1255409                                     
  • NSF grant "Boundary Effects in Critical Phenomena" DMS-0969689       
  • Simons Fellowship  

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   Math 52700 - Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists I 

  Teaching Prizes

    May  11  Teaching for Tomorrow Award, Office of the Provost, Purdue
   April  11   Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching Award, Purdue Department of Math

  Past Teaching

    Math 51100 - Linear Algebra with Applications
    Math 52800 - Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists II
    Phys 29000 - Mathematical Methods for Physicists
    Math 26600 - Ordinary Differential Equations