PRiME 2016: Purdue Research in Mathematics Experience


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Program Overview

General Information

The Department of Mathematics at Purdue University will offer an 8-week residential program to conduct research in pure mathematics. The program, entitled PRiME (Purdue Research in Mathematics Experience). will run from June 13 through August 5, 2016. The program is being sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF-1560394).

The program will be directed by Edray Goins (Purdue University) and Jonathon Peterson (Purdue University). During the eight week program, students will work together on research projects in either algebraic geometry or in random walks and probability theory. More details are in the Project Descriptions below.


Goals and Expectations

During the summer, each of the undergraduate participants will:

In order to successfully complete this project, participants will:

Stipend and Travel

Participants in the PRiME program will receive


Students must be undergraduates in good standing, although preference will be given to applicants who will begin either their Junior or Senior year in the Fall of 2016. Applicants must have taken a proof-based course in Abstract Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory, and/or Probability Theory. NSF funding also requires that participants must be US Citizens.

Application Instructions

Applications for the PRiME program should be submitted through by going to For a complete application, you will need to submit

For full consideration, applications should be received no later than Friday, April 1, 2016. Decisions will be announced by Monday, April 11, 2016.sw

[Program Overview] | [Planned Activities] | [Project Description] | [Application]

Project Descriptions

Potential research projects will be in Algebraic Geometry and Probability Theory. More details on these projects can be found by clicking on the following links.

[Program Overview] | [Planned Activities] | [Project Description] | [Application]

Planned Activities

Field Trips

Participants will join in weekly activities to local outings in Indiana. Some potential locations include:

Summer REU Colloquia

In cooperation with the Purdue Student Chapter of the Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM), PRiME will present a series of virtual seminars entitled the Summer REU Colloquium Series. Speakers will discuss their professional journey from being an undergraduate student to being a member of the professoriate. Invited speakers will be faculty who are members of underrepresented minority groups or who teach at institutions of higher learning having significant underrepresented student populations. More details regarding the Summer REU Colloquium Series will be posted as they become available.

[Program Overview] | [Planned Activities] | [Project Description] | [Application]