LECTURES: Tuesday and Thursday, 9-10:15, 12-1:15 UNIV 103.
          lecturer Alex Eremenko
 	  office MA 600, hours: TTh, 1:30-2:30.
               	  ph.: 494-1975, e-mail eremenko@math.purdue.edu

HOMEWORK: Due every Tuesday, before the lecture starts,

LATE HOMEWORK: not accepted (bring the hw in advance if you
are going to miss a lecture).

GRADER: Jiahao Zhang zhan2296@purdue.edu 

EXAMINATION: one midterm exam and a final exam

GRADE COMPOSITION: midterm exam 30% 
                   final exam    40%
                   homework      30%

BOOK: G. Strang, Linear Algebra and its appl, 4-th edition.
(FOURTH. Please do not confuse: fifth edition already exists
but we stick to the fourth one, and the HW is assigned by the fourth

SYLLABUS. We will cover Chapters 1-6 of the book, except 2.5, 6.5,
and if time permits some of Chapter 8.

Statement for students with disabilities