Current Students and Post Docs:

Rishi Parashar Civil Engineering Major Professor Ph.D.
Yunfang Wu Mathematics Major Professor Ph.D.
Daniel O'Malley Mathematics Major Professor Ph.D.

Previous Students:

A. Achanta Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
L. S. Bennethum Ph.D. and Post Doc  Math
F. Alejandro Bonilla Ph.D. and Post Doc  Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jin Song Chen
J. E. Curry Post Doc Physical Chemistry
F. W. Deng Ph.D. and Post Doc Civil Engineering
T. R. Ginn Ph.D. (Co-major with Mark Houck) and Post Doc Civil and Environmental Engineering
K. K. Han Post Doc Physics
J. S. Haselow Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
A. E. Hassan  Ph.D. and Post Doc Civil and Environmental Engineering
H. He Post Doc Physics
B. X. Hu Ph.D. and Post Doc Agronomy
C. Hwang Ph.D. Agronomy
N. A. Irwin Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Joseph Klein
Post Doc
N. Kleinfelter Domelle Ph.D. Mathematics
R. K. Kuo M.S. Chemical Engineering
K. K. Lee Post Doc Geology
M. Moroni Post Doc and Student Environmental Engineering, University of Rome I
S. Mukhopadhyay Post Doc Chemical Engineering
D. J. Mulla Ph.D. Agronomy
M. A. Murad Post Doc Math
Moongyu Park Post Doc Mathematics
M. Perkins M.S. Chemical Engineering
Guglielmo Rabbiolo
Post Doc
C. L. Rhykerd Jr. M.S. Agronomy
M. Schoen Post Doc Physical Chemistry
Pawan Sing Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering
W. Stroud Post Doc Math
R. G. Smits Post Doc Math
S. P. K. Sternberg Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Keith Sullivan
Tessa Weinstein Post Doc Mathematics and EAS
Yungfang Wu
F. Zhang  Post Doc Agronomy
Z. Z. Zhang Ph.D. Agronomy


Beyond Science (how we survive grad school!!)

The group has its own private master griller. As a bonus to alleviate the 18 hours mandatory labor day, 7 days a week, 58 weeks a year, we are trained in rigid body motion at the exclusive Lab for nonlinear dynamics. But relax, on the bright side, "none of us are allowed to speak in his presence until we have completed 2 years on a postdoctoral appointment with him ;)" -T.R.Ginn

"When you find yourself disagreeing with what John says, don't say a word, go back to the office, think about it - he's always right." -Lynn S. Bennethum

"If you can't let him understand your eighty-pages derivations in five minutes... back to the grill!"  -F.W.Deng

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