Purdue University Numerical Linear Algebra Group (PUNLAG)

PUNLAG video archive

The PUNLAG seminar is intended to supplement the numerical linear algebra course sequence at Purdue. The standard course CS515 doesn't have room for a number of interesting problems -- we hope to cover some in this seminar!

In Spring 2014 the seminar was more research-oriented. You can find the abstracts of the presentations given here.


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Spring 2016

Standard Graph Algorithms as Generalized Matrix-Vector Products (Bryan Rainey, 3/10/16)Video

Finding a best rank-1 approximation in the 1-norm (Varun Vasudevan, 3/3/16)

An Introduction to Information Based Complexity Theory (Nicole Eikmeier, 2/18/16) Video

Totally Unimodular Matrices in Linear Programming (Nate Veldt, 1/14/16) Video

Fall 2015

The Gauss-Southwell method: intro and applications (Kyle Kloster, 10/2015)

The Fiedler and PageRank vectors, Part 2 (Kyle Kloster, 10/2015)

The Fiedler and PageRank vectors, Part 1 (Kyle Kloster, 10/2015)

Spring 2015

Circulant matrices, the FFT, and eigenvalues: Part 2 (Kyle Kloster, 4/6/15)

Intro to circulant matrices and the Fourier transform (Kyle Kloster, 3/30/15) Video

The matrix representation of fast multipole method (FMM) in 1D (Difeng Cai, 3/23/15) Video

Erasure coding for linear system solvers (Yao Zhu, 3/20/15) Video

Intro to Fast Multipole Method (Nicole Eikmeier, 3/9/15) Video

Matrix Calculus, and Functions of Matrices (Kyle Kloster, 3/2/15)

Sources: Functions of Matrices (Higham, 2008); Matrix Calculus and Zero-One Matrices (Turkington, 2002); These excellent slides from Pedar Olsen, Steven Rennie, and Vaibhava Goel; and to see just how much a headache notation can be, see the wikipedia page on this topic.

Fast Solvers for HSS Eigenvalue Problems (Jimmy Vogel, 2/23/15) Video 1, Video 2

Fast Solvers for HSS Linear Systems (Jimmy Vogel, 2/16/15) Video

An Introduction to Rank Structured Matrices (Jimmy Vogel, 2/9/15) Video

Introduction to Kronecker Products 2 (Kyle Kloster, 2/2/15) Video

Introduction to Kronecker Products 1 (Kyle Kloster, 1/26/15) Video

Krylov and QR and polynomials (Kyle Kloster, 1/15/15) Video

NLA courses at Purdue

All the NLA-related courses I am aware of at Purdue (let me know if I've missed one!):

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More Application-oriented:

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