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You're an evil man. Linus Torvalds
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Note to prospective graduate students.

I no longer intervene directly in the graduate application process in either Mathematics or Computer Science. I have no direct support for graduate students, nor do I offer summer internships. There are online instructions about how to apply for the graduate programs in both the Mathematics and Computer Science Departments. I'm sorry, but I will no longer reply to e-mails from prospective students.


A complete list of my papers can be found on my "bio" page . You can download various papers by me and my previous students on image processing and wavelets and numerical methods for partial differential equations and related topics.


Test Images

High quality, grey-scale, test images for purposes of testing algorithms on natural images. Some results from my compression program are given.

The original Kodak Photo CD Photo Sampler color images from which the greyscale images above were derived, and the copyright terms under which the Kodak Photo CD Photo Sampler images were released. If anyone can tell me a standard way to convert these to YUV, YCrCb, or RGB, I'd be interested. Later note: it seems that various versions of Photoshop have good color conversion between Kodak Photo CD format and RGB, so that is what I used for the color versions. I'm still not happy with Photoshop's conversion to grey-scale. You can find a lot of useful information about working with Photo CD images at Ted's Unofficial Kodak Photo CD Homepage.



What graduate students should do after qualifiers

Some, if not most, areas of mathematics require "intermediate-level" material before going on to study recent papers and write a thesis. Here is my advice for students who think they may be interested in various fields. Other faculty members will have their own lists, I'm sure.



My wife Maureen is an ATA-certified translator from French into English.

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