Department of Mathematics

Michael Aaron Perlmutter

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I am a sixth year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mathematics at Purdue University. My research is concentrated on the interaction between probability and analysis, in particular, the use of martingale transforms to study Calderón-Zygmund singular integrals and other Fourier multipliers. My advisor is Dr. Rodrigo Bañuelos.

I am currently teaching MA16010 - Applied Calculus I.

Previous Teaching

Summer 2015 - MA59800C - Complex Analysis Review (lecturer)
Fall 2014 - MA16010 - Applied Calculus I (lecturer)
Spring 2014 - MA16200 - Calculus II (recitation instructor)
Fall 2012 - MA16200 - Calculus II (recitation instructor)
Spring 2012 - MA15900 (Now MA15800)- Precalculus (recitation instructor)
Fall 2011 - MA26100 - Multivariate Calculus (recitation instructor)
Fall 2010 - MA26100 - Multivariate Calculus (recitation instructor)

About Me

I am orignally from Sherborn, Massachusetts, a small town twenty miles west of Boston. My undergraduate work was done at Tufts University in Medford, MA. Outside of the math department, I play softball in the Purdue summer league and am a member of the Purdue Barbell Club .