Finding a Job in Mathematics

Below we have attempted to collect a number of links to information on finding jobs in mathematics. Good luck!

  • Seeking Employment in the Mathematical Sciences
    This is an excellent article about how to find a job with a math degree.

  • Marketable Skills

  • Companies That Recruit Math Majors at Purdue.
    A list of the companies which participated in the Industrial Roundtable and Computer Science Roundtable in September 1995 and indicated that they intended to hire mathematics and statistics majors.

  • Career Planning Center for Beginning Scientists and Engineers.
    An excellent service sponsored by the Sloan Foundation. You have to check it out to realize all that's here.

  • Careers in Science and Engineering: A Student Planning Guide to Grad School and Beyond
    Some excellent advice, both on going to graduate school as well as finding a job.
  • Resources for a Mathematics Job Search
    Some of this is oriented towards grad students, buch much is useful to undergrads as well. It comes out of the University of California at San Diego.

  • The The AMS/SIAM Career Page .

  • The The ACM Career Line .
    This source has a lot of general information of use in any job hunt.

  • Jobs in Operations Research

  • How to find mathematical consulting firms.
    This was provided by Dr. William Browing, one of our distinguished alumns.

  • Jobs in Statistics
    A lot of good info including a listing of job offerings from the Purdue Stat Department.
  • Jobs in Statistics
    Another listing of job offerings.

  • The Dartmouth Math Job Page .
    This is another excellent resource. We discovered many of the above links here.

  • The Employment Resources Guide. (University of Illinois at Chicago) This is mainly intended for Ph. D.students. But some of the job servers can be useful.

  • Employment Resources and Information

  • Mathematics Jobs at IBM

  • Mark W. Winstead Notes for the Electronic Job Search
    This is a really nice article about finding a job in math using the internet.

  • General Job Hunting Tools and Online Sources (from Purdue Center for Career Opportunitie).
    They claim to have the Internet's largest list of job hunting sites. It IS ``world class!''

  • The Writing Center. at Renssalaer Polytechnic
    Eight key steps to creating a resume that will get attention.

  • Writing a Resume. (Purdue)
  • The National Security Agency is reputed to be the world's largest single employer of mathematicians. The announcement in the above link came from the University of Illinois Undergraduate Page (Announcements). They also have an excellent Career Page.

  • Some Industrial Employment Opportunities from the Canadian Mathematical Society.

    Richard Penney