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Purdue University; Department of Mathematics
150 N. University Street; West Lafayette, IN
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MA 59800 (598K) - Spring 2009
Moduli Spaces & Stacks

Instructor: Ralph Kaufmann

                    Office: Math 710
                    Contact via e-mail

Date and Time:   T Th 9-10:15 in REC 313  

Office hours:  Th 10:30-11:15 and by appointment

References: T. Ekedahl. Notes on Stacks. Mittag-Leffler Preprint 2006/07 No 69
                     Algebraic Stacks: Kai Behrend, Brian Conrad, Dan Edidin, William Fulton, Barbara Fantechi, Lothar Göttsche und Andrew Kresch.
                     Book in progress. Chapters available here.

                     Champs algébriques. Gerard Laumon and L. Moret-Bailly
Pronk and Moerdijk. Orbifolds, sheaves and groupoids. $K$-Theory 12 (1997), no. 1, 3--21

more references might be added.

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