Lecture on
Introduction to Moduli Spaces of Curves

LECTURER:  Ralph Kaufmann
TIME: Monday 16:30-18:00
Starting date: Monday, April 28
LOCATION: Seminarraum B, Beringstr. 4

Moduli spaces of curves or Riemann surfaces have been studied for a
long time and quite extensively in conjunction with problems ranging
from topology to arithmetic algebraic geometry.

These spaces parameterize in a certain precise sense all possible structures
of a Riemann surface of a fixed underlying topological surface.
There are several formulations of this theory coming from conformal,
hyperbolic and algebraic geometry, each beautiful and rich in its own right.

Recently, these spaces have entered into the spotlight due to their
relation to string theory. This has lead to the definition of quantum
cohomology, which was used to solve many enumerative problems.
In a variation this has also lead for instance to new results on Hurwitz numbers.

We will start by studying moduli spaces of curves from the different
points of view as stated above. This together with a study of
the geometry of these spaces and their compactifications
(e.g. their cohomology, intersection theory, tautological bundles)
will be the bulk of the course.

Later, we intend to specialize to a selection of topics of current
research such as quantum cohomology. Other possible subjects
could be the recent solution of the Mumford Conjecture
or the relation to integrable systems.




This list is preliminary and only for general information.
It is neither exhaustive nor the basis for the course!

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