Ralph Martin Kaufmann
Purdue University; Department of Mathematics
150 N. University Street; West Lafayette, IN
 Phone: (765) 494-1205; Fax: (765) 494-0548
e-mail: rkaufman@math.purdue.edu  URL: http://www.math.purdue.edu/~rkaufman

Selected  Talks  (the latest version is usually provided)

  1. Feynman Categories (latest version MATRTIX 16), including Hopf algebras and decorated Feynman Categories)
  2. Condensed Matter, C* geometry and Topological Invariants (Fields 15)
  3. Algebraic operations in geometry, topology and Physics (Penn State 15)
  4. Singularities, swallowtais and topological properties in families of Hamiltonians (Knoville 14)
  5. The geometry and algebra of master equations, BV equations and Feynman tranforms. (Pittsburg 14)
  6. First version of slides containing Feynman Categories (Bloomington 12)
  7. CFT from the arc point of view and structural relations to planar algebras (NCGOA 12)
  8. Stringy orbifold K-theory.
  9. On CY/LG correspondence for (0,2) models
  10. Stringy Singularities
  11. Operads, Stings and Deligne's conjecture
  12. ...

Selected  Correspondence 

  1. e-mail to Paolo Salvatore explaining McClure-Smith Sequences as monotone parameterizations Mar 21, 2008