Department of Mathematics
Topology Seminar


Fall 2015

 Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 in REC 108

Organizer for fall 2015: Ralph Kaufmann. Contact organizer.


Sep 2
Arnold Yim (Purdue)
Homological Properties of Determinantal Arrangements
Sep 16
Dan Li (Purdue)
Topological Insulators and K-theory
Sep 23
Jeremy Miller (Purdue)
Localization and homological stability
Sep 30
Ben Ward (Simons Center)
Operads of the baroque era.
Oct 7
Stephan Stolz (Notre Dame)
Functorial field theories from factorization algebras
Oct 14
Lauretiu Maxim (Wisconsin)
Equivariant invariants of external and symmetric products of quasi-projective varieties
Oct 21

Oct 28
Alexander Kupers (Stanford)
H-principles using Delooping
Nov 4
Heather Lee (Purdue) Homological mirror symmetry for open Riemann surfaces from pair-of-pants decompositions
Nov 11
Ilya Grigoriev (U of Chicago)
Characteristic classes of manifold bundles
Nov 18
John Wiltshire-Gordon (U of Michigan)
Algebraic invariants of configuration space via representation theory of finite sets
Dec 2
John Harper (OSU Newark)
Derived Koszul duality of spaces and structured ring spectra
Dec 9
Jason Lucas (Purdue) Decorated Feynman Categories


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