Current Research Grants

NSF DMS-1217066

Fast Spectral Methods and their Applications, PI: J. Shen. Sep. 2012-Aug. 2015.

AFOSR grant FA9550-11-1-0328

Sparse Spectral Methods and Applications to Kinetic Equations. PI. Jie Shen. Apr. 2011-Mar. 2014.

Computational Materials and Chemical Sciences Network (CMCSN)

Subcontract from Argonne National Lab. PI. Jie Shen. Dec. 2011--Nov. 2014

Research group

Postdoc Scholars

Yongyong Cai, Taylan Sengul

Ph.D students

Heejun Choi, Ying He, Lina Ma, Yingwei Wang, Zhiping Mao (visiting from Xiamen University).

Visiting Scholars

Ting Cheng (from Central China Normal University).