Seminar on Perfectoid Space
Spring 2014


Tursday 3:30 pm-4:30pm in MATH 731


The first seminar will be Jan. 23rd. Tong Liu will give the first talk on the general survey of this topic.

Prof. Arapura give the second talk: An Introduction to the Monodromy-weight Conjecture.

Prof. Yi Ouyang give the 3rd talk: Perfectoid Fields and Perfectoid Algebras (I).

Who want to talk the 4th talk: almost mathematics?

Resources and useful links:

Scholze's webpage

Scholze's Survey on Perfectoid Spaces on the Mathoverflow

Takeshi Saito's Note on Perfectoid spaces and Weight-monodromy conjecture

Fontaine's review on Scholze's work

Prof. Arapura's note on weight-monodromy conjecture.

Torsten Wedhorn's Note on Adic Spaces

Gabber and Ramero's book: Almost ring theory

Dec. 12th, 2013