Seminar on Rigid Analytic Space and Berkovich Space
Spring 2017


Every Tuesday 1:30-2:30 at Math 731 (almost)


Apr. 11th Yong Suk Moon will give two talks on Raynaud's theory on formal models.
Mar. 28th Donu Arapura will give talks on Tate's curve.
Feb. 21th Chung Pang MoK will give talks on Tate's acyclicity theorem.
Jan. 17th Tong Liu will give the first talk on survey of this topic.
Jan. 24th, 31st Heng Du give the two talk on Tate algebra.

Resources and useful links:

Conrad's note on minimal models of elliptic curves

Nicase's note on the introduction on formal and rigid geometry

Bosch's book"Lectures on formal and rigid geometry"

Berkovich's note on Berkovich space

Bosch, U. Gunzter, R. Remmert, Non-Archimedean analysis

Fresnel and Put's book: Rigid Analytic Geometry and its Applications

Berkovich ICCM talk

Conrad's notes

Book of Hrushovski-Loeser

Fujiwara-Kato's Sclices I , II

Schneider's note .

Jan 5th, 2017