Math 266 - Ordinary Differential Equations
Spring 2016

Instructor: Tong Liu

Office: MATH 738
Office hours: M F 11:00 am-12:00 pm (tentative) or by appointment
Telephone: (765) 494-1946
Email address:
MWF 1:30PM-2:20PM in UNIV 117


Feb. 17th We will have review session tonight at BRNG B286 5:30pm-6:30pm, we will review practice exam 1.

Mar. 21st Note that the first project is due Mar. 28th and second project is due Apr. 1st.

We will have review session on Wendesday 3/23 at REC 307 5:30pm-6:30pm, we will review practice exam 2.

Course Guide

Please refer to the Math Department math266 homepage for general course information such as textbook, homework, exam and grade policy.

Exams Schedule:

First Midterm, February 19th, Friday, in class.

Second Midterm, March 25th, Friday, in class.

Final Exam, TBA.

Special rules for this section:
Hand-Written Homework (including Supplementary Problems and Matlab Projects) will be also available in WebAssign and due the begginning of the class of the next week. Note that our homework assignment may NOT be the exactly the same as the Assignment Sheet provided by Math Department math266 homepage. No late homwork will be accepted.

Actively participating in class and working on extra credit problems will help improve your grade.
Grade Policy:
There will be 2 midterm exams and one common final exam. Each midterm is worth 100 points, the final exam is worth 200 points and homework, quizzes and projects are worth 200 points.
The worst 8 homework, quizzes or projects scores will be dropped.

Homework, handouts, etc

Some useful links:

Math department math266 homepage

Jan. 12th, 2016