math 115

Math 115-001, Fall 2006


Dec. 6th The practice final is post here. A review session has been scheduled in Monday, Dec. 11th, 12-1pm, at DRL 4C6. Dec. 3rd The final exam is a cumulative exam, which cover the coverages of first and second terms and §4.2, §4.3, §5.4, §5.4, §5.6, from Part II of Probability and Matrices : §2.1, §2.2, §2.4, §2.5. The style of final exam is the same as the midterms, i.e., it is multiple choice, closed book and no calculators. But we will grade all steps of your solutions regradless you have chosen the correct answer or not. Dec. 1st Final exam has been scheduled in Dec 14th from 12-2pm. Room DRL A7. Any time conflict should be reported to me as soon as possible. Nov. 11th The practise exam for the second midterm is post here. Nov. 10th, Preprarations for the second midterm 0. The rule will be the same as the first one. The coverage is Calculus book: §12.9, §13.1. Probability book: §1.5-§1.8; §2.1-§2.3; §3.1-§3.3 and §4.1. 1. There will be a sunday review in this sunday Nov. 12th. 2. There will be review session in the Thursday night (Nov. 16th) 7pm-8pm. Room A6. 3. The quizzes and homework for the nextweek will run as usual. Sept. 30th The practise exam for the first midterm is post here. Sept. 29th, Preprarations for the first midterm 1. There will be a sunday review in this sunday Oct. 1st. 2. There will be review session in the Thursday night 7pm-8pm. Room 4C2. 3. The quizzes and homework for the nextweek will run as usual. Sept. 22nd 1. The poll result on midterm exam is: Oct. 6th (13) ; Oct 11th (11) ; Oct. 13th (8) So we will schedule the first midterm exam on Oct. 6th. If everything follows my schedule, the materials for the first midterm should be 12.1 to 12.8. I will post the past exam and a practice exam in a few days. 2. Many of you have requested more office hours, especially the office hour after 3pm. So I decide to change the schedule of office hours as the following: MW 1-1:30, Tu 1:30-2:30 Th 3:30 -4:30. Sept. 18th 1. From now on, the Sunday review will be hold only upon students' request. If you need a Sunday review, you must let me know before the Friday prior to the Sunday.

2. For various reasons, I would like to schedule the first midterm exam a little ealier than original date Oct. 13th. The possible choices are Oct. 6th, Oct 11th or we can stick in Oct 13th.


Tong Liu Office: DRL 4C3, phone: 898-5974 (email: Tentative office hours: MW 1-1:30, Tu 1:30-2:30 Th 3:30 -4:30.

Teaching Assistant:

Dragos Deliu email: Office: DRL 4N25 Office hours: Tuesday 4:30PM-5:30PM, Friday 3PM-4PM. Office phone: 898-7247


[C] Thomas/Finney, Calculus, 9th (or Alternate) Edition [P] DeGroot/Schervish Probability and Statistics, 3rd ed. [F] Lial, Greenwell, Ritchey Finite Mathematics, 7th ed. Maple/Calculus Lab Manual for Math 103/104/114/115


Handout(Sept. 6th)


Lectures: M W F 12-1 DRLB A8 Liu Recitations: 201 REC T 8:30-9:30 AM DRLB 3c4 Deliu 202 REC T 9:30-10:30 AM DRLB 3c4 Deliu 203 REC R 8:30-9:30 AM DRLB 3c4 Deliu 204 REC R 9:30-10:30 AM DRLB 3c4 Deliu Sunday Review: Sunday 7pm-9pm DRLB A6 Gupta


Homework 15% Quizzes 15% Midterms 20% each Final 30%. The quizzes, midterms, and final exam are all closed-book. Calculators are not allowed. In the midterms and final, but not in the quizzes, you may use a 'crib sheet', consisting of a 5x8 card of notes in your own handwriting.


I will post homewrok assiagnment every Thursday (night). Each week's assignment will consist of: *The relevant core problems, *Problems from past final exams, and *A Maple assignment. In addition, I will occasionally assign some extra credit work from the text, the MAPLE/CALCULUS LAB MANUAL, and other sources. You are welcome to work on the homework together with a study group; but you MUST HAND IN YOUR OWN, INDIVIDUAL WORK, explained in your own words. Solutions must be written LEGIBLY. (Please be considerate to your poor, overworked TA who has to read your assignment...) Homework is due each Friday at 5pm in Dragos' office. You may instead hand it in to Dragos during any recitation before the deadline, or in class at the end of the lecture. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU TRY TO FINISH THE HOMEWORK A FEW DAYS AHEAD OF TIME. Then, if you encounter difficulties, you will still have time to obtain help from the instructor, the TA, or a tutor. No late homework assignments will be accepted UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, (again, please be considerate to your poor, overworked TA), but the two lowest homework grades will be dropped. CORE PROBLEMS, PROBLEMS FROM PAST FINALS: Since there is much material to cover in math 115 and more problems to work through than we have time to cover in lecture or recitation, we have chosen some core problems to help define the course. The core problems are listed on page 12 of the LAB MANUAL. A copy of the list can also be found here.) In addition you will find problems from past final exams in the Lab Manual. Together, the core problems and past finals define both the material of the course and the level of difficulty expected. Your objective is to understand thoroughly how to solve them and to develop some facility with the underlying mathematics. Because of the limited time available to the TA, only a couple of problems chosen at random from each assignment will be graded. If at the end of the semester you feel that you have been consistently unlucky in that we always happened to grade the only two problems you did not do, talk to one of us and we'll see whether we can make some adjustment.


There will be a brief quiz given at the end of each recitation. Missed quizzes cannot be made up, but the two lowest (or missed) quizzes will be dropped. The material for each quiz will be taken from the previous homework assignment, giving you added incentive to do all the homework problems.


There will be two midterm exams, during usual class times: (1) Friday, October 6th (2) Friday, November 17th. The midterms will be multiple choice, closed book, no calculators, but you may use a 5"x8" cheat sheet in your own hand writing. NO MAKE UP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN. If you have to miss a midterm exam due to illness (with a doctor's note) or another certified emergency, we will use some other way to assign you a grade for that exam. Normally this will be based on your performance on the corresponding problems of the final exam.


All sections of Math 115 will have a common final exam on . The final will be multiple choice, closed book, no calculators, but you may use a 5"x8" cheat sheet in your own hand writing. If you miss the final or perform poorly for any reason, you may choose to take the makeup final, which will be given in the beginning of next Fall Term. In order to do this, you will (of course!) have to agree (in writing, in advance) to give up the grade you received on the original exam. So your score on the makeup exam may bring your course grade either up or down.

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