Math 313/513 - Computational Linear Algebra
Spring 2007

Instructor: Tong Liu

Office: DRL 4C3
Office hours: T R 1:40-2:10pm, W 10:15-11:15am or by appointment
Telephone: (215) 898-5974
Email address:
Lectures: TR 12-1:30PM in DRL 3C8


Jan. 23th : It is important to makeup homework for those who register the class late. Though I will drop your worst 2 scores in the end of the semester.

Jan. 16th : The midterm has been scheduled in class on Thursday, March 1st. Any confliction should be reported to me as soon as possible.

Feb. 23th: The practice midterm exam has been posted. Review Sessions has been scheduled in the Tuesday 7-8 pm at DRL A6 and Wednesday 7-8pm at DRL 4C8.

Feb. 27th In the midterm exam, you are allowed to bring a 2 sides 3X5 card.

April. 19th The final exam has been scheduled in Tuesday, May 1st, 9-11am in DRL 3C8. The policy of the final exam will be the same as that of the middle term. I will soon post the practice middleterm exam and schedule of the review session.

The review session has been scheduled in DRL 4N30 at Apr. 24th, Tuesady, 12-1:30 pm.

Course Guide

Gilbert Strang: An Introduction to Linear Algebra, Wellesley-Cambridge Press, 3rd edition.
Homework will be mostly taken out of this book, and it will serve as the main reference for the lectures.

Homework is an extremely important part of this course. Homework problems will be posted on this page every Tuesday. They should be turned in in the Beginning of the class on Tuesday of the following week. Extra credit problems will be available sometimes. I will automatically drop your worst 2 homework scores
You may work together in small groups of your own choosing on these problems, although each student's write-up should be his/her own. On each assignment you hand in, write down the names of anyone you collaborated with.

There will be a midterm exam and a final exam, the latter will be cumulative. The Midterm Exam has been scheduled in class on March 1st. A two sides 3X5 card is allowed in the exam.

Filnal Exam:
Tuesday, May 1st, 9-11am in DRL 3C8.

Approximate Grading Weights:
40% -- Homework
25% -- Midterm exam
35% -- Final exam
Participating in class and working on extra credit problems will help improve your grade.

Homework, handouts, etc

Late work will NOT be accepted. Exception: illness or other serious and verifiable reasons.

You can check your homework grades here:

Some useful links:

The hompage of the author of the textbook

Jan. 8th, 2007