Math 350 - Elementary Number Theory
Fall 2005

Instructor: Tong Liu

Office: DRL 4C3
Office hours: M 3-3:30; W 3-3:30; Th 2-3, or by appointment
Telephone: (215) 898-5974
Email address:
Lectures: M W F 2-3PM in DRL A5

Grader: TBA


Sep. 8 We will not have textbook until the week after the next week, I will copy the part of book to you. Also I have reserve the bookbook in Math-Physics/Astronomy-Library.

Oct. 16 For the midterm exam, a 3 X 5 card is allowed. No caculators.

Course Guide

Kenneth Rosen: Elementary Number Theory, Addison Wesley, 5th edition, 2005.
Homework will be mostly taken out of this book, and it will serve as the main reference for the lectures.

Homework is an extremely important part of this course. Homework problems will be posted on this page every Monday. They should be turned in in the Beginning of the class on Monday of the following week. Extra credit problems will be available sometimes.
You may work together in small groups of your own choosing on these problems, although each student's write-up should be his/her own. On each assignment you hand in, write down the names of anyone you collaborated with.

Group projects to be presented to the class near the end of the semester, with written versions to be handed in by the group. Suggested topics.

There will be a midterm exam and a final exam, the latter will be cumulative. The Midterm Exam is scheduled in class for Friday, October 20th, 2006.

Filnal Exam:

Approximate Grading Weights:
35% -- Homework
25% -- Group projects
15% -- Midterm exam
25% -- Final exam
Participating in class and working on extra credit problems will help improve your grade.

Homework, handouts, etc

Late work will NOT be accepted. Exception: illness or other serious and verifiable reasons.

You can check your homework grades here:

Here are some number theory links:

A terrific link about the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci numbers!
Euclid's Elements
The Prime Page

Sep. 3rd, 2006