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Tzuong-Tsieng Moh Department of Mathematics Purdue University West Lafayette IN 47907-1395

Information Office Phone: 765-494-1930 Home Phone: 765-746-1235 FAX: 765-494-0548 Finger Information
Teach: MA51100Course Description and Assignment
Teach: MA55400Course Description

Present Research Interests

Article: Linear Algebra and Google Search Engine.

Book: Algebra.

My contribution to the volume of Formal president Ding of Peking University (Chinese).

My comment(1) on "Dreams of Red Chambers" (Chinese).

Preface to the Second Edition of Algebra (Chinese).

Book: Algebraic Codes.

A Short Note on TC Kuo-A.Parusinski-L.Paunescu's paper On Jacobian Conjecture.

Comment on a Paper by Yucai Su On Jacobian Conjecture.

On the history of racial problem of Xinjiang (Chinese).

The travel of silk road (Chinese translation).

My Ph.D. students

Zhang, Yitang

Extract from an Article on New Yorker about Zhang, Yitang. A Chinese translation by "".



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