Jianlin Xia
   Associate Professor of Mathematics
   Associate Professor of Computer Science (courtesy)
MATH 442, Department of Mathematics
Purdue University
   West Lafayette, IN 47907
   Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley
Research (Recent work. Google Scholar Citations)
   Support: NSF CAREER Award in computational math, NSF DMS grant, NSF CHE grant
   Publications, research groups & projects, talks, software packages, Structured Matrix Market
   Research interests: numerical linear algebra, scientific computing
   Undergraduate/graduate research positions available. Please email for details
Structrured Matrix Market
   Workshop on Fast Direct Solvers, Purdue, Nov 12-13, 2016
   Spring 2017: MA 351, Fall 2016: MA 692, Spring 2016: MA 304, Spring 2015: MA 511, Fall 2014: MA 692  
   Spring 2014: MA 265, Fall 2013: MA 692, Spring 2013: MA 262, Fall 2012: MA 692; Previous teaching