MA/CS 615 - Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

                     Spring 2017



Emergency Preparedness Briefing

Basic course policies including attendance and grief absence


60-70 % homework and 30-40 % take-home final exam. There will be no midterm exams.

Late homework will not be given any credit. Collaboration for homework is allowed but not encouraged.

How to submit homework

Hand in writings and plots in class. Do not print your code. Email to your code generating all the results and plots before 12:00 noon on the due day. Use subject: MA615 2017 homework {#}. Write clean code. Comment your programs appropriately.

Programming language

MATLAB is recommended but other programming languages (C, C++, Fortran, MATLAB, Python, ...) can be used for homework/exam.

The final exam

You should work by own on the final exam. Hand in writings and email your code to before the due date. Use subject: MA615 2017 Final Exam.