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Graduate Student News:
Student Profile - Nathanial P. Brown
Yuriko and Nathanial Brown

Purdue mathematics graduate student Nathanial P. Brown is the recipient of a National Science Foundation three-year postdoctoral fellowship, which he plans to spend at UC Berkeley following completion of his Ph.D. in August. Yuriko and Nathanial Brown are pictured at right.

I was born in the rural town of Blissfield, Michigan. I went to school for four years in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan before coming to Purdue. I met my wife, Yuriko, at Purdue and am now very thankful that I was not accepted by the University of Michigan for graduate school! She was also a graduate student in the Math Department, and we met in linear algebra class. Special thanks to Professor Heinzer for giving us (very) long homework assignments so that we could spend more time together!

Thanks to Yuriko (and the NSF), I have had the great fortune of spending a lot of time in Japan. With the help of my advisor, Marius Dadarlat, I was also able to get a Dissertation Enhancement Award from the NSF which allowed me to spend the last year studying at the University of Tokyo. The NSF has similar (long and short term) opportunites for graduate students in various other countries. Studying with other experts has helped me tremendously, and I strongly encourage other graduate students to do the same.