Actuarial Exam Award Program

The Actuarial Exam Award is available to any non-graduating undergraduate majoring in Actuarial Science who passes one of the SOA exams. Official details:

  • Purpose: Support successful completion of Actuarial Exams.
  • Award: Partial reimbursement of the exam fees for passing any SOA/CAS exam, subject to available funds. With the exception of December graduates, all awards will be made in the spring semester.
  • Eligibility: Must receive passing result while a full-time student at Purdue.

To qualify, you must send, email, or give a completed Application to Mrs. Shaun Ponder (MATH 820) before taking the exam.

Exams taken & passed between April 1 – March 31, will be submitted to the College of Science Business Office for reimbursement. If you are an international student, you will need a Glacier account. If you do not have a Glacier account, please email Mrs. Shaun Ponder at to let her know you need a Glacier account activated.

* Award amount and eligibility subject to change.