Rodrigo Bañuelos

Recent papers:

    A weighted maximal inequality for differentially subordinate martingales
    Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Osękowski, Adam
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. (146), 2263--2275  (2018)

Weighted $L^2$ inequalities for square functions
Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Osękowski, Adam
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, (370), 2391--2422 (2018)

    Sharp weak type inequalities for fractional integral operators
    Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Osękowski,Adam. Potential Anal. (47) 103-121 (2017)

    Introduction to memorial issue for Donald Burkholder (1927--2013)
    Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Davis, Burgess. Anna. Prob (45), 1--3 (2017)
    Hardy-Stein identities and square functions for semigroups
    Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Bogdan, Krzysztof and Luks, Thomas, J. Lond. Math. Soc. (2)  94  462--478  (2016)
    On Astala's theorem for martingales and Fourier multipliers
    Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Osękowski, Adam Adv. Math.  283  275--302  (2015)
    Sharp martingale inequalities and applications to Riesz transforms on manifolds, Lie groups and Gauss space
    Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Osękowski, Adam. J. Funct. Anal.  269  1652--1713  (2015)
    Weighted norm inequalities for fractional maximal operators: a Bellman function approach
    Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Osękowski, Adam. Indiana Univ. Math. J.  64  957--972  (2015)
    Probabilistic approach to fractional integrals and the Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequality
    Applebaum, David and Bañuelos, Rodrigo. 116  17--40  (2015)
    On the first eigenfunction of the symmetric stable process in a bounded Lipschitz domain
    Bañuelos, Rodrigo and DeBlassie, Dante. Potential Anal.  42  573--583  (2015)
    Heat content and small time asymptotics for Schr\"odinger operators on $\Bbb R^d$
    Valverde, Luis Acuña and Bañuelos, Rodrigo. Potential Anal.  42  457--482  (2015)

    Sharp maximal L^p-estimates for martingales
    Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Osękowski, Adam
    Illinois Journal of Mathematics, p. 149--165. 2014 

    On the Bellman function of Nazarov, Treil and Volberg
    Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Osękowski, Adam
    Mathematische Zeitschrift, p. 385--399. 2014 

    Martingale transform and L\'evy processes on Lie groups
    Applebaum, David and Bañuelos, Rodrigo
    Indiana University Mathematics Journal, p. 1109--1138. 2014 

    On the operator $\Lambda^*$ and the Beurling-Ahlfors transform on radial functions
    Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Osękowski, Adam
    Michigan Mathematical Journal, p. 213--221. 2014 

Two-term trace estimates for relativistic stable processes
Bañuelos, Rodrigo and Mijena, Jebessa B. and Nane, Erkan
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, p. 837--846. 2014

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