Steven R Bell




B.S.    University of Michigan, 1976
Ph.D.   M.I.T., January, 1980

Thesis Advisor: Norberto Kerzman

Thesis Title: Applications of the Bergman projector
in the theory of functions of several complex variables.


Research Associate & Lecturer, M.I.T.   1980
Visiting Fellow, Princeton University   1980-81
Instructor, Princeton University        1981-82
Asst. Professor, Princeton University   1982-84
Visiting Assoc. Prof., Princeton Univ   1984-85
Assoc. Professor, Purdue University     1984-88
Prof. Assoc., Univ. de Bordeaux         May, 1987
Professor, Purdue University            1988-
Graduate Chair, Purdue Math             1997-2000
Assoc. Head for Graduate Studies        2008-2012


Distinguished Achievement in Applied Mathematics Award, Univ of Michigan, 1975
Distinguished Scholar Award, Univeristy of Michigan, 1976
NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1980
Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, 1984
Invited One Hour Address, American Mathematical Society, 1986
AMS Centennial Research Fellowship, 1988
Stefan Bergman Prize, 1990
Distinguished Alumnus Award, John Glenn High School, Westland, MI, 1991
Distinguished Lecturer on Frontiers of Math, Texas A&M University, 1993
Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 2005
Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2006
Purdue Teaching Academy, Inducted 2007
Purdue Book of Great Teachers, Inscribed 2008
Purdue Provost's Award for Outstanding Graduate Mentor, 2011
Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, 2012
Shoemaker Lectures, Univ. of Toledo, 2015
Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching, 2020


Complex Variables, Partial Differential Equations


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Seth Streitmatter, Summer 2002
Jason Anema, Summer 2003
Damir Dzhafarov, Summer 2004
Matt Barrett, Amber Meyerratken, Joey Steenbergen, Jamie Weigandt, Summer 2006
Zachary Sylvan, Spring and Summer 2008
Joshua Hunsberger, Alex Krzywda, John Mason, Summer 2009
Roenika Wiggins, Summer 2011
Brett Ernst, Sean Fancher, Abi Komanduru (co-mentored with Erik Lundberg), Summer 2012
Jack VanShaik, Summer 2017
Luis Reyna de la Torre, Summer 2018
Henry Howard Stewart III, Summer 2019


Wilhelm Klingenberg, Jr., 1987
Peiming Ma, 1991
Moonja Jeong, 1991
Moohyun Lee, 1992
Young-Bok Chung, 1993
Khalid Filali Adib, 1994
Anthony Thomas, 1994
Zhenjun Hu, 1996
Loredana Lanzani, 1997 (Outstanding Alumna Award, 2011)
Thomas Tegtmeyer, 1998
Faisal Kaleem, 2006
Kuan Tan, 2007
Ersin Deger, 2007
George Hassapis, 2008
Alan Legg, 2016


  • Associate Editor for the "Journal of Geometric Analysis," 1990-2013
  • Associate Editor for the "Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society," 1997-2001
  • Editor for MacGraw-Hill's "Walter Rudin Book Series of Advanced Mathematics Texts"
  • AMS Committee on Publications 2012-2015
  • Faculty Advisor for the Purdue University Juggling Club 1986-2014

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