Edray H Goins

Purdue's African-American PhDs in Mathematics

After some conversations with Purdue Graduate Chair David Goldberg and Purdue Alumnus Johnny Houston, I have been able to compile the complete list of African-Americans to get doctoral degrees in Mathematics from Purdue. There have only been 7 individuals to date: the first is currently an Assistant Dean at the University of Illinois at Chicago, while Kathy Lewis is the only woman to do so. Last updated on March 5, 2018.


Ulysses Hunter
November 14, 1938 - March 13, 2001?
Essential Clustser Sets
Advisor: Casper Goffman


Melvin L. Heard
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
Linear Functional Differential Equations of Neutral Type
Advisors: Robert Arnold Gambill and Merritt S. Webster


Benjamin Joseph Martin
Head Pastor
St. Rest Baptist Church
On a New Integral Equation Arising in the Theory of Radiative Transfer
Advisor: Thomas Wilson Mullikin


Johnny L. Houston
Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
Elizabeth City State University (ECSU)
On The Theory of Fitting Classes for Certain Locally Finite Groups
Advisor: Eugene V. Schenkman


Kathy Marie Lewis
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Morehead State University
Hyponormality of Bergman Toeplitz Operators
Advisor: Carl Cowen


Sean Colbert-Kelley
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Theoretical and computational analysis of a Ginzburg-Landau energy model for Smectic C* Liquid crystals with defects
Advisor: Daniel Phillips


Kevin Muriithi Mugo On Mod 4 Galois Representations From Elliptic Curves and a Certain Brauer Type Embedding Problem
Advisor: Edray Herber Goins


Reginald L. McGee, II
Postdoctoral Fellow
Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI)
Modeling, analysis, and control of Syk-mediated signaling events and associated cellular response for B cells
Advisor: Gregery T. Buzzard