Plamen D Stefanov


[9] Noise in linear inverse problems. A Powerpoint presentation, requires MS Office or this.
[8] Semiclassical sampling and linear inverse problems. A Powerpoint presentation, requires MS Office or this.
[7] Local Lens Rigidity (based on a joint work with Uhlmann and Vasy), 2017. It is a 56mb Powerpoint presentation and requires MS Office or the free PP viewer.
[6] The geodesic X-ray transform on Riemannian surfaces with conjugate points, Linz, Austria, 2017.
[5] Traveltime Tomography with Local Data, 2013-2014.
[4] The identification problem in SPECT: Uniqueness, non-uniqueness and stability, 2013.
[3] Is a curved flight path in SAR better than a straight one?, talk I gave at Stanford, 2012.
[2] Thermoacoustic and Photoacoustic Tomography with a variable continuous or discontinuous sound speed,  MSRI, November 2010.
[1] Recovering Anisotropic Metrics from Travel Times, a plenary talk at the First International Congress of IPIA. Conference on Applied Inverse Problems 2007: Theoretical and Computational Aspects

Lecture Notes and a book project

[5] Traveltime Tomography and Tensor Tomography, MSRI, July 2009, lecture notes. Lecture 1, Lectures 2&3, Lecture 4.
[4] Mini-course on Microlocal methods in TAT, Fields Institute: Lecture 1 (Uniqueness), Lecture 2&3 (Microlocal stuff), Lecture 4 (Stability and Partial data), Lecture 5 ("brain imaging"). Pictures and movies that I showed, all created by Francois Monard.
[3] Mini-course II on Microlocal methods in X-ray tomography, Fields Institute, 2012: Lecture 1 (the Euclidean case), Lecture 2&3 (Microlocal stuff)
[2] Microlocal Analysis and Integral Geometry, a book project with Gunther Uhlmann.
[1] Scattering and Inverse Scattering, graduate course lecture notes, work in progress.