Lecture Notes

I LaTeXed up lecture notes for many of the classes I have taken; feel free to read through them or use them to review. If you find a mistake or typo, please let me know.

If you want to look over the .tex source for any of these notes, please send me an email.

▾ Graduate School (UT Austin)

▾ Learning Seminars

▾ Summer Mini-Courses

A sequence of week-long courses in summer by and for graduate students, running each summer since 2017. See the website for more information.

▾ Expository Notes

▾ Undergrad (Stanford University)

In undergrad, I produced 2,424 PDF pages of LaTeX for my classes. 1,491 of those (61.5%) were lecture notes; the remainder was mostly homework or longer writing assignments. This works out to just under three pages a day, seven days a week, during the academic quarter.

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