Department of Mathematics

Professor Patricia Bauman

Math 34100 Foundations of Real Analysis

Professor: Patricia Bauman

Office: Math 718

MWF in Recitation 123
Sec. 042 1:30-2:20 pm
Sec. 041 2:30-3:20pm.

Office Hours: Mon. and Wed., 10-11 am in MATH 718.

Introduction to Real Analysis, 4th Ed., by Robert G. Bartle and Donald G. Sherbert.

Chapters 2-5 and part of 6-7 of the text. MA 34100 is an introductory course in rigorous analysis covering real numbers, sequences, series, continuous functions, differentiation, and Riemann integration. Students will be expected to do rigorous proofs on this material and understand the proofs done in the textbook and lectures. MA 30100 is strongly recommended before taking MA 34100.

Homework and Course Grades:
See Blackboard for a list of assigned homework and due dates, details on how course grades will be determined, exam dates, and other important information about the course.


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