Steve Bell's Math 693 class

MA 693 00 001 (CRN  29326)  MWF  1:30-2:20 pm ONLINE

The Cauchy Integral and a PDE Approach to Complex Analysis

Professor Steve Bell
OFFICE: Math 750
OFFICE PHONE: (765)-494-1497
OFFICE HOURS: T,Th 11:00 am - 12:00 noon in Bell's WebEx room (how to join)
and by appointment
E-MAIL: bell AT purdue DOT you_know_where

Reference material

Paper: Something about Poisson and Dirichlet,
S. R. Bell and Luis Reyna de la Torre.

Book: The Cauchy Transform, Potential Theory, and Conformal Mapping,
2nd Edition, S. R. Bell, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, 2016.

Book: An Introduction to Complex Analysis in Several Variables,
3rd Edition, L. Hormander, North-Holland Mathematical Library, Volume 7.

More Reading materials for the course.

The AFTERMATH -- course notes and videos of the lectures.

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