[mandelbrot set] MATH DEPT Computer News, Volume 15

How to gain access to Mathematica on a math dept SUN

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The math dept has a license for Mathematica, but only for use on the single machine, bessel. To use Mathematica from the math dept SUN in front of you, first try to type


(which is short for "mathematica") in an xterm window. You should get a message that mathematica is trying to start up on bessel and a new window should pop up in a few seconds. If you want a fancier x-window version of mathematica, complete with equation making pallettes, etc., type


If these commands don't successfully start up on bessel from your machine, try typing

xon bessel

in an xterm window on your machine, and then type




in the bessel xterm window that pops up. If you type in a command like

Plot[ Sin[x],{x,0,7}]

and hit RETURN, a graphics window should pop up on your screen at the console of the machine in front of you.

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