[mandelbrot set] MATH DEPT Computer News, Volume 34

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How to share sensitive Purdue files with authorized Purdue people via


Let's say I have a file called


that I want to share with my TA so she can create a grade sheet for the class we teach together. It is against the rules to e-mail such a file and it is against the rules to store the file on anything but a secure Purdue server. To get the file to my TA, I would use ItaP's filelocker service as follows.

First, I would log onto one of the Math Departments SUNs like banach and open a browser there. Then I would go to


and logon there with my Purdue Career Account login and password.

Next, I would click on the Upload button and navigate to the file I want to upload to upload it.

After the file appears in my file list, I would click on the Share file button to create an e-mail notification to my TA that the file is ready to be downloaded by her. I need to type in my TA's Purdue Career Account login ID to do this.

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